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Do You Hear the Cheetahs Sing? :iconainrana:Ainrana 0 0
Lisa's memorial was heartbreaking, to say the least. I knew her well, as she was probably the best intern I ever had. This particular service was especially heartbreaking, since not a soul knew if Lisa was actually still alive. No body, no note, no trace. Not even a good reason to run away.
Her parents were wearing their Sunday best, faded and 20 years out of style. Her older brothers were wearing the same faces they had when they heard she was gone. Nieces and nephews were solemn, though I'm sure they were too young to remember her. Some of her old friends even managed to show up, smiling when greeting her family, but all of them were shaking in the middle of an Atlantan summer.
There were countless photos of Lisa with a cheery smile and reddish-brown, curly hair tossed in her face, surrounded by wreaths that didn't look like much, but were clearly made by hand.
When they prayed and begged for at least some closure, there wasn't a dry eye in the church. To me, there's no sadder sight
:iconainrana:Ainrana 2 0
Mature content
Business :iconainrana:Ainrana 1 39
The Mirror
I stumbled down the street in my dusty black coat.
I looked down at the ground.
I saw a shop.
I wanted to avoid the rain.
I walked in.
The shop was full of mirrors.
I thought how I couldn't afford anything in this store.
I turned around.
I tripped.
I broke one.
And they made me buy it.
I had the exact change in my wallet.
I'm now greeted by a broken mirror as soon as I get home.
It's the greatest purchase I've ever made.
Because when I look into it,
it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
:iconainrana:Ainrana 4 3
I Don't Like Ice
"What kind of respectable Russian man doesn't know how to ice skate?" Anya pinched Rasputin's cheeks and stretched them out as far as she could. She tried to force him to smile, but his face was permanently twisted into a bitter scowl.
"I know how to ice skate!" Rasputin protested, slapping her small, young hands away from his aging face.
"Then why won't you come with me?" Anya held onto his robes like an old beggar, giving an unhappy pout with watery eyes. He knew she wasn't actually sad, she was just a spoiled little princess who was used to getting whatever she wanted with her large brown puppy eyes.
"I don't like ice." Rasputin swerved away from Anastasia and faced the window. He crossed his arms and glanced down at the scenery below. It was odd. His castle was so dark, dank and grim, but right at his front door lay a beautiful blanket of Russian snow. He usually hated the cold clutches of a Russian countryside, but now, it was so peaceful. The ground was no longer covered in mud a
:iconainrana:Ainrana 3 88
The American Foreigner in America
Being successful is being able to adapt. In order to succeed living overseas, I had to adapt to the culture of the country I was currently living in, learn the language and be ready for any sudden change of weather. For most of my adolescence, I grew up with Chinese characters, spicy food, tourists, mosquitos, typhoons and strange men on the street trying to sell me bootleg American movies. However, I never thought I would have to adapt to my own country.
My father worked as a Foreign Service worker since I was nine years old, and his vocation requires my family to live internationally. I spent two years in Egypt, three years in Taiwan, three years in Thailand and about six months in Germany. I have spent what felt like eternities on commercial flights, I rode elephants, visited the tombs of kings and played with Egyptian dolls in hijabs. I have personally met the gods of ancient people, I sang triumphant songs in thousands of languages and I taught a Japanese man how to open an ice cr
:iconainrana:Ainrana 0 27
Everyone's Cheering and Clashing Their Pints
Billy died last night.
But Billy was an asshole.
Let's all have a pint.
:iconainrana:Ainrana 0 0
No Reason, Just Because
Just because I don't want to hang out, it doesn't mean I'm moody.
Or depressed.
Or on my period.
I just don't feel like hanging out, today.
Just because I eat meals alone, it doesn't mean I'm too shy.
Or sad.
Or lonely.
I like eating alone, sometimes.
Just because I don't want to date you, it doesn't mean I don't like you.
Or you're not attractive enough.
Or I'm into someone else.
I don't think I'm ready for a relationship, yet.
Just because I don't want to hug you, it doesn't mean I'm angry with you.
Or I'm upset about something.
Or you smell.
I just felt claustrophobic, and I need some space.
And just because I'd rather spend time with myself, it doesn't mean I'm anti-social.
Or socially awkward.
Or I don't have 'real' friends.
I just want to take a deep breath and think about nothing.
But sometimes, I don't.
:iconainrana:Ainrana 1 10
Litterer's Introduction
Hello all,
My name is Alanna, AKA Ainrana, and I've had a bit of a bizarre life.
I was born and raised in the United States until I was nine years old. When I turned nine, my family moved to Egypt after my dad finally found a stable, well-paying job as a worker for the American embassy. (To put in the simplest terms, he's an IT guy.) We stayed in Egypt for two years, and that's when I became really interested in writing. I wrote a couple short stories about, well, pretty much anything that popped into my head. I was greatly inspired by the works of Lemony Snicket, and attempted to follow his writing style. I would use writing as a way to escape, as bullies were common, and I was far more emotional than other kids. I would also be made fun of because in order to think properly, especially when trying to brainstorm for a story, I have to speak out loud. So, writing became very cathartic for me, and it helped me calm down and release some emotions.
After those two years in Egypt, my famil
:iconainrana:Ainrana 4 56
The Thunderstorm
I picked up the new dial phone I barely used to call her father. Thunder roared as the rain completely drenched my window. I bit my lip and my heart raced as I picked up a signal. The dial rang for awhile, and I was almost a little worried I wouldn't be able to get a hold of him. However, at the last minute, I heard a deep, cheerful voice from the other end.
"Hello, sir. This is Mr. Rob MacLachlan, CEO of the Fitzpatrick Company. I'm just calling to say that your daughter might have to spend the night, here."
There was a dreadful pause on the phone.
"Have you listened to the radio, recently?"
"Nah, we can't 'ford a telephone and a radio."
"Well, the quote unquote 'mild thunderstorm' came earlier and more violent than anticipated, and it's actually a downpour that's a borderline hurricane. I think it might just be grazing the area where you live, but it's just nasty in the city. Here, listen."
I held the phone up to the closed window, where the sound of the rai
:iconainrana:Ainrana 13 24
This is Just to Say...
You lost
the baby
and it broke your heart.
Forgive me
I was
the one
who spiked
your breakfast.
:iconainrana:Ainrana 6 5
Mature content
Birthdays, Death and Policemen :iconainrana:Ainrana 2 7
Pink Building With Pink Trees by Ainrana Pink Building With Pink Trees :iconainrana:Ainrana 3 0
He used his wife as both a chair and a pillow.
:iconainrana:Ainrana 4 11
Loki's Taken Over Thailand?! by Ainrana Loki's Taken Over Thailand?! :iconainrana:Ainrana 28 26

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It's cold here; it was snowing this morning. I went on a tour of my school and filled out some paperwork. I made some new friends and we went to get ramen for a late lunch-early dinner. We've also visited several different kombinis, and it's strange how there is no set price for really anything. Go to a vending machine and a bottle of milk tea is Y140, at a kombini it's Y120, at the grocery store it was Y94. I'll have to figure out which place has the best deal.

I feel a bit tired and I'm in desperate need of a shower. Overall, I had a great first day in Japan, and it can only go uphill from here. :)
  • Watching: Alan Rickman movies
  • Eating: Ramen
  • Drinking: Milk tea


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Okay, so I'm a girl with Asperger's Syndrome.
I'm a Ravenclaw, but my favorite Professor is Professor Snape. <3
I am a Rickmaniac, Joker FanGirl and I adore Tim Burton movies. There's not one so far that I didn't like.
I love dragons, werewolves and bats. I think vampires were better when they weren't overrated. And sparkly.


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It's funny, it seemed to me like Michelle had a midlife crisis every time she had a bad day or accidentally said a swearword when she stubbed her toe. I guess I should've anticipated something like this would happen but...I never thought she would just drop everyone and everything like a rock without even saying goodbye.
I don't think she even cares. If she's happy, she's happy.
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